Monday, 28 January 2013

Song On Review: "Aboki Remix" by Ice Prince Featuring Sakordie(Ghana), Mercy Johnson, Whizkid, MI and Khuli(S.A).

Song On Review: "Aboki Remix" by Ice Prince Featuring Sakordie(Ghana), Mercy Johnson, Whizkid, MI and Khuli(S.A).

"Aboki!! Side!! Hehehe!!"...  Aboki (the original) was a classic. The concept, on-point. The delivery was on-point. The video, on-point. Ice-prince announced the remix featuring the heavy weights. I was wondering what Mercy Johnson would do on the track. I was imagining the kind of modulation WhizKid would exhibit. I also trying to fantasize the punch lines that MI and Sakordie would drop. Overall, the expectation was high. Finally, it came out and I was like.....

Lets Skip to the Review Pls.

The beat was good, like it was in the original Aboki. The beat was abit noisy but on-point. The combination of different drums depicted the Aboki(Hausa) Style. The beat was quite danceable. I kinda loved the way the beat started. It helped to mirror Sakordie's Lyrical Poweress.

Well, almost all the guys featured on the track deviated from the concept of the song.
  • Sakordie: Sakordie killed the song. Initially thought the intro of the song would be given to MI Abaga but it turned out to be Sakordie and he performed above my expectation. "This is the weemix". He delivered his lines with easy and venom. He really shined brighter than the others. "Me and Davido the fight over groupies" and "Brymo, for stick to your high keys"... Do I small controversy coming up? Nah!!!

  • Mercy Johnson: LWKMD!!! She made just one sentence in the song. Does that amount to a Featuring Status? Shish!!! "Sakordie, Am married." It didnt even sound like her. It could even be someone else that said it. I guess Mercy Johnson's inclusion was just a publicity stunt.

  • WhizKid: Wizard Pikin did his normal thing. Nothing special. I'd say he performed below par. Like he had nothing to say. Repeating his previous lyrics from old songs. I expected more.

  • Ice Prince: Nah!!! I admire the fact that he created a new set of lyrics but I'd have prefered it if he had stuck to original Aboki lyrics. His delivery wasnt that outstanding as it was in the former.

  • MI Abaga: Now, this was an unpleasant suprise. He performed far below par. Like he was struggling to deliver a line in the track. Normally, we get 2 or 3 punch lines whenever MI opens his mouth but here he made noise. Nothing as Incredible as he is and has portrayed in the past! And dont get it twisted, am an ardent fan of MI, that's why I was so disappointed. Aboki is a high profile song for Crying out loud. Next time do better.

  • Khuli: Huh??? What was that N*gga saying? The latter part of his bars was in English but was still gibberish. Ice prince should have just slashed out Khuli from the song but I guess he did that for the South African Fans.

Message? None! Its was just another average Naija bragging song. Nothing to learn from it.

Well, My last word on this song is Thumbs Up to Sakordie. MI get your act together, you are better than this. Khuli, get a herd of cows and manage, Aboki!!!

We rate the song, 8.50 in the Critico-Meter of Music(1 being execellent, 10 being Wack).
"U don wanna see my, Gandoki Style!"

See Ya!!!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Song On Review: "Ghost Mode" By Phyno Feat. Olamide.

Song On Review: "Ghost Mode" By Phyno Feat. Olamide.

"Ghost Mode!! They no they see me!!!".... I stumbled across this song on radio, (Beat FM), one day, and it caught me off guard. I couldn't believe my ears. I have followed Phyno's progress from the eastern part of Nigeria to his break into the Lagos Market and I'd say this is a beginning of a revolution in Phyno's Career!! This song was so crazy(well, "Ndi Ara").

Lets Skip to the review, please.

On Point. Gangsta and Raw. The beat intepreted the idea behind the crazy song. The use of trumpets and those chiming Guitars was lovely. The drum beat was rythmic and carried the song's energy till the end.

For the idea of the song, the Lyric was smack On-Point. It was meant to be a crazy bragging rights song; Phyno and Olamide really showed their worth. The unique thing about the track is the fusing of English, Pidgin English, Ibo and Yoruba. What would have made the song perfect is if they had a crazy Hausa rapper on this crazy Joint. They made lots of crazy punch lines like "Kanayo O Kanayo, No kana Gan = Olamide" and "Onye ara na kpo onye ara onye ara nebe ona pu ara.... ana to ka ha ne le ana = Phyno". The chorus was emmm... Okay, though I expected something better from him compared to "Anamchikwanu". But I didn't get what he was saying about Genevieve in the song. Anybody knows?

Men! The energy was high, at the rooftop. The expressed the strength required for this kind of song. In my opinion, no one would have delivered it a hard as they did. I pity the people that Phyno was referring to in the song.

Now, here is the loop-side of the song. It virtually has no message content. It had no moral or societal lessons. I think he was just trying to pass a subliminal message to his haters. This is not the kind of song you listen to for inspiration, except inspiration to start a quarrel. Hehehe!

Well, the concept was nice. The whole bush thingy and Phyno's gangsta make up. But I feel the video was too artificial. The bushes looked like the kind in cartoons. Olamide didn't express that character behind the song they sang with his boring costume. He didn't carry the rawness the song portrayed. I guess Phyno tried to cut costs in the production. We saw some dry babes in the video, trying their best to avail to look tough.

Well, My last word on this song is Thumbs Up to Phyno and Olamide. Keep the game on. Expecting better things from you guys this year.

We rate the song, 6.00 in the 'Critico-Meter' of Music(1 being Excellent, 10 being Wacky).
"Lele. Nekwa ha. Oge me gi vum Nanya! Ghost Mode, U no dey see me!"

See Ya!!!!