Saturday, 29 December 2012

Song On Review: High by Tonto Dikeh.

Song On Review: High by Tonto Dikeh.

#POKOBABY. Well, I heard Tonto released a song and I was like, "Hmm! I must hear it." I downloaded the song with the free MB given to me by MTN and ever since then I have regretted ever wasting bandwidth and human resources on it.

Lets Skip to the review, please.

The beat was 'Wack'. It sounded like something created with two 'kpangolos' and one 'shibi onike'. More like the producer just rushed the production of the beat. No special effects. No cool stuff. It sounded like the sound track of a Sega Video Game!

Incoherent Lyrics. It sounded like she just jumbled up all the 'agbero' lines she ever knew into one song. "I kissed a girl. I liked it!" Huh? Is she insinuating lesbianism? And What was 'Wantanamera' doing in the song. One would wonder if she actually wrote that because a nursery school pupil would have done better. Some parts of the song were just empty, I guess for want of something to say.

I'll cut her a little slack in delivery. She tried her best to show character in the song but the fact is that once you don't have it, U DON'T HAVE IT. The auto-tuning was supposed to help her sound better but all I think it did was just to make her sound like a Pregnant Woman in Labour. Simply put, Tonto Dikeh has a terrible voice. Voice training might help.

Well, she passed a message, quite alright, which is, "No matter how much money or auto tuning you may possess, wackiness can never be covered."

Well, my advice to Tonto Dikeh is stick to acting. You can't be good at all things.

We rate the song, 9.88 in the 'Critico-Meter' of Music(1 being Excellent, 10 being Wacky).
"All I wanna do is just Cry. Clean the tears for my Eye. When u see me passing by, don't be shy to say, "Chai! Chai!! Chai!!!"... #remixTinz

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  1. Hehehe! Funny Review! I like.